1. Are the required IPs within the Printer DCA scan range?


2. Is the device online and networked?


3. Is SNMP turned ON? DCA requires SNMP v1.


4. Try increasing the network timeout and SNMP retries. To find out what would be best as a network timeout setting, use a ping request on the farthest physical device and see how many milliseconds it takes to respond.


5. If using an older version of Printer DCA, upgrade to latest Printer DCA version.


6. Check with PrintFleet Tech Support to determine if it is a known device issue or limitation. For example, If the toner level is shown as Unknown (blue dot), check if it is one of those devices that stop reporting toner level when they reach certain level. In such cases, the issue self corrects and toner level resumes once the toner is refilled.


7. Check if it is a firmware issue. For example, some HP LaserJet 5200s do not report toner level while in sleep mode. The issue could be resolved with a firmware upgrade.


8. If the device was reporting toner levels and then stopped reporting, check if it is a re-manufactured cartridge.


9. Get the DCA scan file and DCA log file. You can get the log file by going to  C:\Program Files (x86)\Printer DCA\Logs.


10. Get a MIBWalk and embedded webpage screenshot showing data for the device along with DCA scan files and send them to PrintFleet Tech Support for further investigation.